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National Parks Under Fire for Discrimination in the Workplace

The Grand Canyon National Park and many other National Parks throughout the country came under fire recently regarding allegations that many employees of the National Parks Service suffered harassment and discrimination on the job. Unfortunately, discrimination and prejudice can occur anywhere, even in places like the Park Service where one might not expect it.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke responded to the allegations against the National Park Service in a respectable manner, encouraging those who experience discrimination within the organization to report it confidently. Zinke expressed great concern at the state of the organization and even encouraged employees to bravely keep moving their complaints to higher and higher individuals in the chain of command if they do not feel that their concerns are properly addressed.

This is an excellent example for employees in any organization or business. If you feel that you face discrimination in the workplace, then you have an opportunity and an obligation to your fellow employees to report it. When you choose to fight against discrimination in the workplace, you not only make it safer for yourself, you make it safer for others as well. If you are not sure how to proceed, you can begin by reporting specific incidents to your company’s human resources department in writing.

Should you face difficulty stopping discrimination in your workplace, whether it is for an organization like the National Park Service or a traditional private employer, an experienced employment law attorney can provide additional clout and protection. Proper legal counsel ensures that your rights remain secure as you continue your fight for a just, fair workplace for all people.

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