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Former Manager Combats Wrongful Termination

It’s easy to think of wrongful termination as the kind of thing that arises when someone or some group of people with influence over employment at a company or organization orchestrates the firing of an employee they dislike personally. However, sometimes wrongful termination disputes are not personal at all, but rather entirely about conflicts over procedural issues.

Take, for instance, a wrongful termination suit originally filed in 2011 that is finally moving forward. The suit alleges that an individual was fired inappropriately on misguided claims that he charged the company for a trip that was not business-related. The plaintiff contends that the trip in question was not only business-related, it also received approval as an expense.

Both parties agree that the central issue at stake is not the value of the claim, but whether or not the trip was in fact work-related and approved as such. If a judge determines that the trip was justified, then the two parties will likely settle without further court interference.

Wrongful terminations come in many varieties, some of which are lengthy and complex. Others may get resolved quickly with little difficulty, should the grounds for the complaint lay out a compelling enough claim. Whatever the nature of wrongful termination, the terminated party almost always benefits from professional legal assessment and guidance.

If you suspect that you suffered an unfair termination, you should consider speaking with an experienced attorney who understands defending employee rights. Don’t miss out on important protections and benefits that proper legal counsel can offer, especially when your livelihood is on the line.

Source: The Star Phoenix, “Wrongful dismissal trial begins for former CUC managers,” BRE MCADAM, Oct. 26, 2017