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What is Defamation?

Defamation of character is the act of harming the reputation of another by making a false statement to a third party. It requires constitutional proof that you were harmed publicly by false statements and through the fault of the person who caused harm in order to bring forth charges.

What Is the Difference Between Slander and Libel?

When defamation occurs, two different forms of damage or harm can result: orally ( slander) or written ( libel). The difference between slander and libel is the method used in delivery, however, both are protected under the Arizona Revised Statute 20-445 referred to as defamation. Under Arizona defamation law, Libel is considered criminal but treated as a tort, while slander is more difficult to prove and is treated as a civil injury.

Examples of Defamation

The following are examples of defamation of character:

Forms of libel including:

  1. Publishing false information and not stating the source of the malicious data;
  2. Publicly distributing false information in printed media form; and
  3. Letters or written threatening communication indicating, harm, death, injury or extortion for money.

Forms of slander including:

  1. Verbally calling you names;
  2. Spreading false rumors about you having an affair on your spouse; and
  3. Verbally ruining your career by telling co-workers, supervisors or clients false work ethics you have.

Regardless of what form of defamation you think you are a victim of, seek legal expertise to guide you, gather facts, witness statements and determine if you have a case to bring forth. Being a victim of defamation is serious because of the on-going short and long term effects it can have on your future or personal life.

If you are a victim or unsure, call our Phoenix defamation attorneys at Weiler Law PLLC. We can provide strong legal advice and guidance through the entire legal process. Contact us today at (480) 418-7878 for a consultation.

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