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Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Minimum Wage Law

A recent challenge to Arizona’s minimum wage law has been denied, in what workers’ rights advocates are calling a win for workers across the state. The Arizona Supreme Court chose to reject the challenge, upholding the position that the new law is constitutional.

The law, which incrementally raises the state’s minimum wage to $12 per hour by 2020 and also requires employers to offer paid sick leave beginning July 1, faced challenges on the grounds that it violated elements of the state’s constitution. The opposition pointed to a provision in Arizona law that states there must be a specific source of funds for any voter initiative that costs the state. While the state of Arizona is not subject to the new law, the opposition attempted to demonstrate that the new law would still apply to the state indirectly because of increases in the costs of contracts with service providers.

The state supreme court rejected this premise, upholding the law. However, while the increase is now the established law, it remains to be seen where the state will go to increase its budget for various subcontracts.

If you believe that you are the victim of unfair wage practices, or if your employer is not abiding by the new law, you deserve to have your situation professionally examined by an attorney with years of experience. Whenever new laws such as this take effect, there are some hiccups in compliance, and sometimes an employer needs a little extra help holding up their legally mandated responsibilities. Proper legal counsel can help ensure that your rights remain protected while you pursue justice.

Source: The Republic, “Arizona Supreme Court rejects minimum-wage challenge,” Mary Jo Pitzl, March 14, 2017