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Defending Employees’ Rights in the Workplace

Employees often believe their employers are the ones with absolutely all the power in any conflict, but this is not as true as it may feel. In many cases, employees have a great deal of power to object to the practices of an employer, especially if the employer is breaking the law or some noncriminal regulation.

If you believe that your employer is operating in some way that violates employees’ rights, you should carefully consider how to proceed. You may have a number of protections under the law, but it is always worth careful preparation before you move forward.

Employers are generally restricted from violating public policy when they respond to the actions of employees. For instance, if an employer instructs employees to do something illegal, the employees may refuse to do so. If the employer further punishes the employees for refusing to commit an illegal act, the employees can use the strength of the law to protect themselves.

Employers also must remain mindful of their response to employees exercising their rights. If you face pushback from your employer for taking leave for a legitimate reason, you may have grounds to take the leave regardless of whether your employer approves or not.

Unfortunately, many employers walk all over their employees’ rights constantly, because the employees simply do not know how to stand up for themselves. If you believe that you face discrimination because of an employer’s unfair treatment of your rights, an experienced employment law attorney can fight for a fairer, just workplace for all.

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