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Does My Employer’s Insurance Cover My Pregnancy?

When you first receive the news that you are pregnant, you may experience a thousand feelings in a single, life-changing moment. Then later, the thoughts occur to you — how will my employer respond to my pregnancy? Will my employer’s insurance cover me and my child all the way through to term? Health insurance through an employer is a great benefit, but now you’re not entirely sure exactly what the coverages include.

First, breathe easy for a moment. If you have insurance through your employer, that policy must cover pregnancy expenses in the same way that it covers other medical expenses. If your colleague breaks an arm or needs surgery, he or she should not receive preferable terms from the employer’s coverage.

Similarly, if your insurance plan involves some form of reimbursement system, then you can expect pregnancy-related reimbursement based on the same standards as any other covered medical issues. However, while it is a delicate subject, it is important to understand that expenses incurred in association with an abortion may possibly be exempt from coverage or reimbursement unless the procedure occurs to save the life of the mother.

An employer should not present a pregnant employee with a larger deductible or additional payables to the insurance company on account of the pregnancy. Furthermore, the employer must offer matching benefits to female employees’ spouses and male employees’ spouses.

If you believe that your employer is not upholding his or her duty to you as a pregnant employee, then you can consult with an experienced attorney who understands how to fight injustices in the workplace. Professional legal counsel can help you focus on your own care and the care of the child you are carrying while protecting your rights.

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