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New Law Restricts Disability Discrimination Suits

Arizona legislators have passed a bill into law that may have a significant negative impact on those with disabilities. The new law, freshly signed by Governor Doug Ducey, seeks to minimize supposedly “frivolous” discrimination suits against companies that do not comply with disability regulations.

Under the new law, companies will automatically have 90 days to address any grievances that have to do with disability compliance, expanded from a 30-day compliance window when the bill was first introduced.

Other provisions in the bill preclude a plaintiff from obtaining anything of value in return for promising not to file a lawsuit. It restricts plaintiffs from demanding monetary compensation for non-compliance and gives courts the ability to levee sanctions against frivolous plaintiffs and their legal representatives.

The goals of this legislation is understandable. There are instances of fraudulent or frivolous disability lawsuits filed against businesses, to be sure. However, the latitude it grants defendants places those who suffer at an unfair disadvantage, and may ultimately discourage legitimate suits from ever being filed.

If you have suffered from disability discrimination, you should not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney who understands how to fairly fight for justice on your behalf. Even if the climate of Arizona is less supportive of disability discrimination claims, you deserve justice. An experienced, empathetic attorney can help you fight for justice and the rights of many others who may not have the courage to fight for themselves. No one should allow this new law to keep them from pursuing a fair resolution to unjust, illegal treatment at the hands of a business, even if justice takes a little longer.

Source: Legal NewsLine, “Arizona governor OKs changes to state disabilities law, giving businesses more time to address violations,” Jessica Karmasek, April 28, 2017