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Toxic Workplaces Encourage Discrimination

Workplace discrimination rarely occurs in a vacuum. If you look around and see signs of toxicity in your workplace, it's possible that harassment or discrimination may exist there.

Sometimes employees have simply gotten accustomed to consistently poor treatment. Not only are toxic workplaces a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination, they often lead to professional burnout. If your workplace may be toxic, be alert to discriminatory practices, for your own sake and that of your coworkers.

Toxic workplaces often seem to thrive on dysfunction. This may result from leaders who simply don’t try to create a harmonious workplace, don’t know how, or worst of all, actively promotes dysfunction as a way of maintaining control. If this is ringing any bells for you, it may be time to look for new employment.

Hostile workplaces often develop because of the attitude of those in charge. If your boss treats employees with disregard, even if he or she does so within the confines of the law, this can easily create an environment where prejudice and discrimination are fostered, not discouraged.

Obviously, discrimination is not the same as being uncomfortable or feeling unappreciated in the workplace. Also, you may have to work unpleasant jobs for a while before moving on to something more tenable.

Still, it is vital that you keep your eyes open for instances of discrimination. Be sure to not become desensitized to bad behavior. If you believe that discrimination may be occurring in your workplace, don’t hesitate to reach out to an attorney who can¬†help you defend your rights and the rights of others.

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