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Was My Termination Technically Wrongful?

There are many kinds of wrongful termination, and often they involve an employer who acts discriminatorily toward an employee or wrongfully retaliates against him or her for taking action that may hurt the company. However, some forms of wrongful termination are somewhat less insidious and ethically questionable. Often, a termination may be wrongful because it technically violates some term of your employment contract, even if the termination was not necessarily done with any malice.

Each contract is different, so it is always important to consult with an experienced attorney in your area if you suspect that your termination was wrongful. Many contracts include language that protects the employee from firing except under certain conditions. For instance, if your contract states that you can only be fired for failing to meet certain performance goals, then you may have legal legs to stand on.

Furthermore, some companies maintain specific internal procedures for disciplining employees. If for instance, your employer’s internal guidelines state that you shouldn’t be fired until after receiving at least three warnings for certain kinds of behavior, but you faced termination after only one or two warnings, then you may be able to argue that the termination was in violation of the company’s own guidelines and was therefore wrongful.

It is always wise to seek the guidance of an experienced employment law attorney who understands the legal system of Arizona when considering bringing a wrongful termination suit. With proper legal counsel, you can ensure that your rights remain protected as you explore your legal options and pursue a fair resolution to your termination conflict.

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