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Managers Can Lose Their Jobs if They Retaliate

Retaliation is a serious issue that plagues many workplaces in the Scottsdale area and the rest of the country. Retaliation often leads to wrongful termination cases when an employee loses their job for speaking up about unethical or illegal practices at their place of employment, also known as blowing the whistle. It’s not out of the question for managers to lose their jobs if they retaliate against an employee.

The law protects an employee or applicant from retaliation if they make a claim against a company. This protection is in place whether the claim they make is true or false. The reason for this is that the government wants employees and applicants to know they can speak up when something is wrong without fear of retaliation.

It can be very difficult to recognize retaliation when it happens, but if you suspect it, you should document it as best you can. Retaliation can occur in various forms, including a demotion, a reduction in salary, denial of a transfer, denial for a promotion, denial for training and even being fired.

It’s important to document all of the retaliation examples you can and report them to the human resources department. There will be an investigation opened within the company into your supervisor who is committing this offense. They will likely be issued a warning and a letter will go in their personnel file.

If the supervisor changes their behavior toward other employees but continues to retaliate against you and you report them again, it’s possible they could be relieved of their duties for said retaliation.

The cause of many wrongful termination lawsuits is that of retaliation, even though there are laws in place that make it illegal to fire an employee for speaking out about illegal activities on the job.