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New Bill Seeks To Remove Employee Rights

Many employees face unfair sexual discrimination or even sexual assault in the workplace, and if the widespread revelations of harassment in 2017 are any indication, the issue of inappropriate behavior in professional settings affects every business sector.

For many employees, it is too painful or personally costly to properly file claims based on this type of behavior while still in the workplace with their abuser, and it is preferable for them to wait until some later time to go on the record with allegations of sexual misconduct.

However, some lawmakers in Arizona hope to curtail one of employees’ most important protections by placing limits on how long a person has to make official allegations of sexual misconduct. If one such recent bill passes into law, those who suffer sexual discrimination in the workplace may soon have much less time and space to bring their abuser to justice.

The justification for this potential change rests on concerns over allegations of sexual misconduct years after the fact, brought to the forefront of the public conversation most recently by allegations against Alabama politician Roy Moore, which many people believe cost him an election in a state where he might otherwise have prevailed.

If you believe that an employer or colleague is guilty of misconduct against you, you can gain greater clarity by consulting with an experienced attorney who understands the state and federal laws that govern misconduct in the workplace. Professional legal counsel helps you address the issue fairly while keeping your rights protected, helping you create a safer workplace for yourself and many others.

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