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Tech Companies Still Face Diversity and Discrimination Issues

The tech industry often prides itself on being forward-thinking and operating on the cutting edge of social issues and causes. However, employment data sometimes tells a different story than so many carefully curated press releases and mission statements. According to a recent survey, about one-quarter of tech industry employees have experienced discrimination in the workplace in some way or another.

While the discrimination that was reported ranged from issues based on gender and religion to sexual orientation and race, most of the problems seem to arise along gender and race lines. Whether discrimination is intentional or not, the issue of underrepresentation for women and non-white employees remains a major issue for tech companies throughout the sector.

Major companies in the sector have taken to self-regulating by compiling diversity reports that disclose their relatively low numbers of women and non-white employees. While these efforts at transparency are a step in the right direction, the core issues of underrepresentation discrimination are still very much alive and well, at least by the numbers. Furthermore, because tech companies often start very small and then can grow quite quickly, many tech companies do not have proper diversity and discrimination policies in place at all.

If you believe that you have been unfairly treated in the workplace, you deserve to have your experience professionally evaluated. Even in forward-thinking industries, discrimination must be fought against, both for yourself and for the countless others who face it every day. With proper guidance by an experienced attorney, you can explore options for justice and keep your rights protected.

Source: CNet, “Despite diversity push, tech has a discrimination problem,” Erin Carson, Feb. 08, 2017