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Responding to Violations of Your Rights in the Workplace

Creating a safe workplace for employees is one of the most important responsibilities of any employer. Unfortunately, far too many workplaces still allow unfair treatment or discrimination, placing an unfair burden on employees who suffer violations of their rights to stand up to unacceptable behavior in order to create safe work environments for all people.

If you experience violations of your rights in the workplace, you should make sure that you understand your rights under the law and then approach your employer about the situation directly but professionally. Your employer may respond favorably and take appropriate actions against the responsible party, and if so then you can be thankful that your employer takes their obligations to justice seriously.

Unfortunately, not all employers prioritize justice, and some may respond unfavorably, or may look for ways to discredit your claims in order to avoid potentially damaging allegations of misconduct within the company. When you approach your employer about the violation, be sure that you are fully prepared for the meeting and that you maintain control of your behavior both in the meeting and throughout your working life. If you behave emotionally instead of professionally during this process, you may give your employer grounds to question your claims, as unfair as that may seem.

It is important to remember that you do not have to walk a single step of this important journey alone. In fact, it is wise to consult with an experienced attorney before you even approach your employer about the violation in the first place. This way, you have professional legal counsel every step of the way, keeping you informed on the legal matters at hand and protecting your rights. You deserve a fair, just workplace, and have an opportunity to create greater justice for all, so be mindful to take this responsibility seriously as you consider your options.

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