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State Will Rehire Some, Leave Others Terminated

Arizona has been the venue for multiple controversies that garnered national attention this year, and one of the most galvanizing has been the ongoing plight of many state employees who were fired at an alarming rate in the last few years. We commented on the developments several weeks ago, and the story has continued to twist and turn.

Since the news broke that over 1,700 employees had been fired throughout various state agencies, public backlash against the practice exploded and granted those employees a wave of public goodwill to ride as they fought back against their dismissals. Under mounting pressure, Gov. Doug Ducey gave the order for the state’s human resources department to review many of the firings, which were ostensibly made on questionable grounds, such as sexual orientation, age or race.

To date, 267 cases have been reviewed, but only 40 of those who lost their jobs have been offered the opportunity to reclaim a position. Furthermore, there is still no clear determination as to whether those who have been offered rehiring are the same employees who filed discrimination complaints prior to being let go. Furthermore, those who are rehired will be required to undergo another round of drug testing and background checks.

For those whose cases have not yet been reviewed, and for many who were not offered the opportunity to return to their jobs, there may be numerous grounds for suing the state.

Employment issues can be exceptionally complex, but that does not ever justify discriminatory behavior. If you believe that you have suffered from unjust business or firing practices, you deserve to have your case evaluated by an experienced attorney who can help you understand the strengths of your position and protect your rights.

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