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Don’t Face the Medical Board Alone

As a medical professional, you are aware of the constant threat to your career and the careers of your peers brought about by the Arizona Medical Board. It’s understandable, really — when a patient has a frustrating experience, there will be a portion of them are determined to find someone to blame, someone that they can make to pay for their heartbreak. Far too often, the very medical professionals who work day in and day out to provide varied, complex health care for a diverse public are the ones caught in the crosshairs of that desire to make someone pay.

Regardless of why you’ve been targeted by the Medical Board, it is not a fight that you should have to face on your own. Like any disciplinary authority, their actions can have long-lasting effects on your career — a career that you have already invested thousands of dollars and years of your life pursuing, with the aim of improving and saving the lives of a public who seems all too willing to throw away your hard work just to feel some vindication.

As a medical professional, you fully understand the necessity of having a competent team working for your success in your time of need. In just the same way that no patient would be expected to face an illness or an injury on his or her own, you should not have to face disciplinary investigations on your own. With proper representation, you can face the process with confidence and have the resources and clout you need to weather this storm and thrive for years to come in your chosen field.

Each case brought before the Arizona Medical Board is different, just as each of your patients is different. An attorney with experience facing the Medical Board can help you fully understand the scope of your battle and prepare a strong defense to work to get you back in the field and serving your public sooner, ensuring that your rights and career remain protected throughout the process.