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Scottsdale Asks for State-Level LGBT Protections

City officials in Scottsdale recently sent a letter to state-level lawmakers asking them to establish state-wide protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities and individuals throughout Arizona. This stands in contrast with past actions of the city, which previously rejected a local LGBT protection ordinance.

Arizona and more than 20 other states do not have any state-specific protections over sexual orientation that allow many such individuals to suffer discrimination legally, from both businesses and other individuals. While these protections may cover a number of rights and privileges, it aims to address the matter of businesses refusing service to LGBT individuals, among others.

Within the state, a number of cities have passed local ordinances that extend these protections within employment, public accommodation and housing, but Scottsdale and many others have yet to institute such a law. Those who support these protections argue that, regardless of the public opinions in conflict over the matter, most large Fortune 500-level companies keep similar policies on their books, and may be uninclined to stay in Scottsdale or do business in the city in the future if the legislature does not create these protections at a state level.

If you believe that you experienced discrimination of any kind in the workplace or as a customer, it is important to understand your legal rights and how to protect them. Do not waste important time and resources by putting off these issues. The guidance of an experienced attorney can guide you through these tense matters and help you understand the rights you deserve and the tools you have to protect them.

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