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Are You Ready To Stand Up To Racial Discrimination at Work?

The recent uproar in Hollywood and elsewhere over sexual misconduct shines a spotlight on all kinds of discrimination and misconduct in the workplace, creating a tide of momentum propelling others to speak out about many injustices in all areas of employment. While we would love to believe that other types of injustice are a thing of the past, like racial discrimination, this behavior is still alive and well in many workplaces around the country and the world.

Many kinds of behavior may qualify as racial discrimination in the workplace, including:

  • Disparity in pay, benefits or opportunities based on race
  • Failing to hire or promote an employee because of his or her race
  • Firing or otherwise punishing an employee because of his or her race
  • Segregating employees based on their race or perceived racial background

If you believe that you experience any of these behaviors in the workplace, now is the time to seriously consider how you can stand up and fight for a truly just work environment for yourself and for those around you. If you choose to let this moment pass, you may not only continue to suffer unfairly yourself, others may also continue to suffer and those who discriminate may only grow bolder in the ways they act out.

It is usually much easier and wiser to approach workplace discrimination issues with the guidance of an experienced attorney than by yourself. Professional legal counsel helps you examine every side of your experience, understand how the law may apply to it and build strong legal strategies to pursue a fair resolution to your conflict. Don’t wait to reach out for the help and protection you need to stand up and be a part of creating the workplace where you want to work.

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